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At Guka Logistics, we make sure your goods reach safely from the place of origin until final destination. We offer sea freight, airfreight, Road transportation, warehousing and customs clearance services 

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Why Choose Guka Logistics?

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Reliable and Efficient

With our advanced technology, experienced team, and strategic partnerships, we provide timely and cost-effective solutions that meet your business requirements.

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Customer Focus

Our commitment to exceptional customer service means that we prioritize your satisfaction and work closely with you to understand your specific logistics needs.

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Industry Expertise

With years of experience in the logistics industry, we understand the challenges and intricacies of different sectors and provide tailored solutions to ensure your success.

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Comprehensive Logistics Solutions

We offer a complete suite of logistics services to optimize your supply chain and streamline operations, saving you time and resources.

Services & Solutions

Partner with Guka Logistics for reliable, efficient, and cost-effective logistics
solutions that drive your business forward.


  1. Road Freight: Reliable and efficient road transportation solutions for local and regional distribution.
  2. Air Freight: Fast and secure air transportation for time-sensitive shipments.
  3. Sea Freight: Global ocean freight services for cost-effective and large-scale shipments.
  4. Last-Mile Delivery: Final mile logistics solutions for efficient and timely delivery to end customers.


Warehousing & Distribution

  1. State-of-the-Art Facilities: Modern warehousing facilities with advanced security and inventory management systems.
  2. Inventory Optimization: Efficient management of stock levels, reducing costs and ensuring product availability.
  3. Pick and Pack Services: Accurate and timely order fulfillment to meet customer demands.
  4. Cross-Docking: Streamlined transfer of goods, minimizing handling and reducing lead times.
  1. Documentation: Comprehensive assistance with customs documentation and compliance requirements.
  2. Import and Export: Smooth handling of import and export processes, ensuring compliance and minimizing delays.
  3. Tariff Classification: Expert advice on tariff classification, duty rates, and trade regulations.
  4. Customs Consultancy: Guidance on customs regulations and procedures to navigate complex international trade requirements.

Value-Added Services:

  1. Packaging and Labeling: Customized packaging and labeling solutions for safe and efficient handling.
  2. Order Fulfillment: Efficient order processing, packing, and shipping to meet customer demands.
  3. Reverse Logistics: Streamlined management of returns and reverse supply chain processes.

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Partner with Guka Logistics for reliable, efficient, and cost-effective logistics
solutions that drive your business forward

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